Broken Spring Replacement

broken spring replacementGarage Door Spring Replacement –The garage door  springs support the weight of your garage door and when they brake you are left with two options, one is to try and lift a 500 pounds door with your own strength or to call us the professional garage door repair service men to come by and replace your broken garage door spring for you. We offer a fast same day service for every garage door spring replacement service and will get it done in a professional and most cost effective way possible.

There are two main types of garage door spring systems :
Torsion springs and Extension springs, both help lift, or counter balance the weight of your overhead door. Torsion springs offer the best life expectancy (up to 33,000 cycles) and are the proffered garage door spring system to all doors we install. In order to get your garage door balanced and aligned, you should always use the right size of garage door spring, for instant, if your garage door weighs 250 pounds, then you should use a spring or a pair of springs, that would support exactly 250 pounds. If the garage door spring is too big, the door would “fly” up and won’t shut all the way down and if the garage door spring is too small it would be very hard to get the garage door open.


Every garage door spring replacement we perform is based of $85 labor (fixed price, not per hour) and the cost of the garage door spring is extra. Most residential garage door springs runs about $79 but price vary by size, this is why our garage door repair-man have to measure the spring before providing an accurate estimate for the repair.

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